West Palm Beach, Florida

Many people have at least heard of the city of West Palm Beach, Florida. Whether it be from Drake’s song “Redemption” when he says that “West Palm girls are spoiled rotten,” or because President Trump has an estate on Palm Beach island, almost everyone knows about the city.

To me, West Palm Beach is home. It is where I have grown up and where so many of my life-long friends are. Even though it is known for being a wealthy area with beautiful beaches, it is a lot more than that, especially to me.


The activities to do in West Palm are endless. From the Palm Beach Zoo to Downtown City Place, there is something for everyone.

Growing up, going to school field trips and weekend extravaganzas consisted of visiting Lion Country Safari, attending plays and musicals at the Kravis Center, touring the Flager Museum, running around Okeeheelee Park, and boating to Peanut Island. So in case, people assumed that West Palm Beach was only for adults, they clearly haven’t been here because there are plenty of opportunities for kids!

During the day, the beaches are definitely the place to be. The sun is shining bright, the smell of suntan lotion is prominent and there is soft sand that is perfect for sandcastles. If you’re lucky, the beaches won’t be too crowded but won’t be empty either, making it just the right amount of people to enjoy the company and the water.



The nightlife for adults is always a blast downtown at CityPlace. Cityplace consists of many stores, restaurants, bars, and other things to do like bowling alleys and movie theaters.

Some of the definite places to stop and eat at are Rocco’s Tacos, which is a Tequila bar with Mexican food and fresh tableside guacamole; La Sirena for some quality Italian food; Okeechobee Steakhouse; and E.R. Bradley’s will provide an oceanside dining and music experience.

Other to-do activities that are more than just sitting down are visiting Rapids Waterpark; painting at Uptown Art; going paddle boarding, fishing or snorkeling on a charter boat; attending Lion Country Safari; diving with DivaDuck Amphibious Tours; Everglades Airboat rides; watching a game at Roger Dean Stadium, and one of my personal favorite things to do is attend a country concert at the Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre.


Whether you visit for the experience or for the beaches, there are so many adventures to take part in. Lots of people are lucky enough to get to visit the city of West Palm Beach, but an even smaller amount of people are lucky enough to call this beautiful place home.

I wouldn’t have wanted to grow up and live anywhere else, and that is something almost everyone that lives here would agree on!

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