Tampa, Florida

Almost everyone knows about the city of Tampa, Florida. And with this great comes some beautiful beaches, fantastic food and lots of things to do.

Growing up I did not spend immense amounts of time there, but I had the opportunity to compete there multiple times. Since I was six years old, I competed as a gymnast, and I stuck with it for nine years. Many competitions were held in the Tampa Bay, which meant we would stay and explore some of the area.me gymnastics blog

A couple of the times I competed there, the annual event Gasparilla was occurring. This is a huge festival put on to celebrate pirates and the invasion of a Jose Gaspar. It consists of many different events for people of all ages for a whole week. There is a parade, music performances, a race and much more. It’s a fun-filled week and everyone enjoys going!

Tampa is also known for having lovely beaches with soft, white sand and gorgeous sunsets. With Tampa being set on the Gulf Coast of Florida, the water is slightly colder and the waves aren’t extremely rough, but the sand is super fine and soft to the touch making it a very relaxing place to watch the sun go down over the horizon at night.

Another hot spot in the Tampa area is the amusement park, Busch Gardens, which features both thrilling rides and animal exhibits. I have been here multiple times for school field trips, trips with my cheer team, vacations with friends and even for a date function with my sorority!IMG_9031

Busch Gardens is the perfect place for all ages, whether you are older and want intense, exciting rides, or if you have young children and just want a calm day with gentle rides and adventures with animals, Busch Gardens has you covered.

I have been to the amusement park many times and have always had something to do. One of my favorite rides is Cheetah Hunt, which is a rollercoaster all about speed. Another great one to check out is the famous Sheikra that has a 90-degree drop! The park also features some water rides too.falcons fury ride

Tampa is also home to the University of South Florida Bulls and the University of Tampa. The University of Tampa is a smaller private college in the heart of downtown Tampa.

USF is a state university home to many students from all over Florida and the country. With a variety of athletics, over 80 undergraduate majors and in the beautiful Tampa area, it’s an ideal place to get a college education for many people.usf cheerpbc cheer usf

I personally really enjoy going to Tampa. I may not spend a ton of time in the area, but every time I go, I enjoy myself. Not only have I visited for gymnastics competitions, but I have been there for cheerleading competitions, to go to Busch Gardens, for my high school Thespian State Festival, and to visit friends.

There are so many opportunities to take up while visiting the Tampa area. So if you’re in town I highly recommend trying out various foods and restaurants, relaxing at the beaches, going to Busch Gardens, and taking part in the Gasparilla Festival, but only if you are there at the right time!

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