University of Florida

Gainesville, Florida home of the Florida Gators and the University of Florida. I am lucky enough to be spending four years at one of my favorite places in the state.

UF was just named the best college in the state of Florida and that can be accredited to our high standards and talented students. It isn’t easy getting into UF and high test scores and GPAs are required, so it’s an honor to be named number one after all of our hard work. It also has to do with our difficult courses and students who still succeed.

Aside from being an incredible school academically, the University of Florida has highly recognized athletics, many of them being national champions.

First, the Florida football team is one of the best in the nation. Just this past season, we were the SEC East champions and played against Alabama in the SEC Championship. We tend to always be ranked in the top 20 nationally and going to games is always exciting.


Football season is always the best season because of all of the events going on. Tailgates every weekend, road trips for away games, and obviously being in the stands on game days are so hype! The energy in the stadium is indescribable and one of the coolest feelings about being a Gator.

florida field

Our baseball team just won the National Championship this past year for the first time! It was quite an experience being a freshman and seeing our team come back from Omaha as champions.

uf bb

UF women’s gymnastics is not a sport that most people pay attention to but easily my favorite (actually football and gymnastics are tied) because I can relate to it so much. The gymnastics team is actually the reason I have wanted to be a Gator my whole life. I used to dream of being on the team and would train hoping to one day be recruited.

The excitement that flows through the O’Connell Center on Friday nights is like no other, especially when Gator gymnasts take the floor, do their Gator Chomp and the crowd does it with them. It gives me goosebumps every time.


Besides having stellar academics and athletics, another significant part of the University of Florida is Greek life. Fraternities and sororities have many benefits that people don’t always see, however, you can’t change everyone’s mind.

From my own personal experience, I know that being in a Greek organization provides a community of people who are pretty similar to yourself and gives you a ton of friends; it helps you get involved and gives you many connections to jobs, internships and other types of opportunities; it helps you give back to the community; and plenty of other perks like having a home away from home and, in some cases, be a cheaper option to live, dine and pay dues altogether!

pi kapp

Here at the University of Florida, one of the largest events we hold is Dance Marathon. Many people know a lot about it and others don’t so if you aren’t sure what DM is, go ahead and click the link above. However, Dance Marathon is held close to the hearts of thousands of students here at UF and we are proud to say that this past year we raised $2,724,324.19 for the kids!


There are a lot of involvement opportunities for students including Florida Blue Key, Cicerones, Student Government, Gator Football Ambassadors and Preview Staff. There is something for everybody, which is another reason to love UF.

Things to do in the area are endless. If you enjoy water and sports, visit Lake Wauburg or Ginnie Springs. Lake Wauburg is a great place to tan, kayak, paddle board or even paddle boat. Ginnie Springs is a beautiful place for diving and snorkeling, but it is super cold and kept at a constant 72 degrees. Paynes Praire is a special place that a lot of students visit for the sunrise and sunset. You can even do a walking trail and walk right next to alligators! Also, check out Bob’s River Place.



UF is a place that creates a lot of memories, friendships and opportunities for everyone in the area. We are connected to the city of Gainesville and residents in the area. I couldn’t imagine spending my college years anywhere else and I am grateful I get to do it at the best school ever.

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